10 Ways to wear a turtleneck without making it boring

10 Ways to wear a turtleneck without making it boring

We already know that to get a good closet ground to have to fill it with basics, which make us feel great for those days when we don’t know what to wear. You can not miss jeans that adapt to our body, leggings – which have swept this year – a black dress, which gives a lot of play, and various outerwear such as sweaters, cardigans, or sweatshirts.

He long neck It is one of those necessary essentials and, although sometimes it gives us the feeling that we only wear it with boring looks, the truth is that it offers many possibilities when combining. Take a look at our Instagram inspiration below, starting today, you’ll want to wear sweaters every day!



With high-rise jeans

If you get the impression that a long neck equates to a serious look, take a look at this very easy to replicate option. Bet on original jeans such as paper bags or patchwork jeans that are super fashionable now. Tuck the sweater into the front of the pants a little –You will have seen this fashion gesture among all the influencers– to give an even more fashion touch to your style.

Instagram: @chiaraferragni




With skirt

Think about it: a skirt with high boots… what do we put on top? Obviously … a high collar! You will get the most sophisticated look of the selection.

Photo: @leoniehanne



With leather garments

A neutral loose turtleneck in shades of gray or beige is also perfect for softening a look which, in itself, is already very shocking. For example, it’s the perfect match for leather pants like these. Also, the boots are ideal.

Instagram: @hoskelsa



With baggy jeans and sneakers

Retro is always great when it comes to a turtleneck. Look for some chunky sneakers and your favorite baggy jeans, accompanied by a check blazer. You will go ideal!

Instagram: @scandimuses




With shorts

Do you join the game of contrasts? The trick is to be warm from the top, with your high collar and a cloth coat, and dare with shorts at the bottom. Choose them from skin effect. And as it is not necessary to suffer either, if you are cold, bet on some fashionable panties to be warm.

Instagram: @clairerose



With cropped coat

Wearing a high neck and getting a sexy look is not incompatible. To achieve it, you only need a cropped coat, like the one this model is wearing, and some jeans. Ready!

Instagram: @romeestrijd



With patterned coats

It is impossible for a bold print pea coat make a look boring. The maxi squares have become the star print of outerwear this year. To wear them in winter, nothing like a high collar that does not have too much volume and comfortable pants. All in neutral tones to leave the protagonism to the paintings, yes.

Instagram: @mariafrubies




With oversize jackets

Whenever we want to wear that wide and short coat that we love we have the same doubt when combining it: what to choose so that nothing cold enters us. The binomial high neck + oversize jacket It is infallible: it looks great and you also make sure to wear a tight-fitting garment, you will be warm for sure! Opt for jeans or leggings to complete the outfit in winter.

Instagram: @_lmflores



On the whole

If you were wondering what garment fits best with a two-piece set, here’s the proof that the basic turtleneck never fails. Choose the color based on the color range of the rest of the garments and you already have it.

Instagram: @mariapombo



With monkey

You are from monkeys? So, get inspired by this look for when you feel like wearing one in winter. In this case, the track-soled boots finish off the look.

Instagram: @ariviere


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