20+ Unusual DO-IT-YOURSELF Glue Guns Ideas

20+ Unusual DO-IT-YOURSELF Glue Weapon Ideas

If you’ve immersed yourself in the world of DIY and crafts, it will come as no surprise to you that a glue gun is super helpful, but I had absolutely no idea just how amazing this tool it could be. While scanning through many DIY’s and craft tutorials this weekend, I stumbled upon several glue gun craft notions that triggered an explosive response in my small brain.

I am fully aware of a rather reliable hot glue gun purchase price tag, but if you are starting, even a 55 – 65 dollars adhesive gun is ideal for creating some of these eye-catching DIY crafts. From exceptional vases to magic wands, there’s no limit to the fun you’ll have with a glue gun and a bit of imagination.

Oh wait, you can dismiss the imagination part since I have put together a list of awesome innovative glue gun craft ideas you can try out on your own!

Custom Pattern DIY Glue Gun Bottle

DIY Coral Home Decor

DIY Cute Heart Pendant With Hot Glue

DIY Glue Gun Cabochons

DIY Glue Gun Snow Flakes

DIY Pearls

Driftwood Orb

Frozen Snowflakes Hair Clips

Glue Gun And Chalk Paint Witchcraft Bottles Art

Hot Glue As Hand Made Stencils

Make A Hot Glue Pads For Your Stuff

No-Sew Rope Coil Basket

Quick Tip No-Slip Soles

Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Roll Art