25 Best Little Balcony Concepts For 2019

25 Best Little Balcony Concepts For 2019

Are you searching for new and exciting Balcony ideas? When you hear the word “balcony”, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a view of a large balcony in a fashionable and expensive hotel or building. Many people are starting to explore and realize the elegance of a balcony addition, but that is only the case if you have an incredible amount of space in your living room. The average person does not! If you have a smaller balcony, an elegant design is possible with careful planning and interior decoration!

For many years, small boutique hotels and restaurants have used these balconies to be a great conversational piece for their guests. A small terrace can be transformed into a cozy little social space for romantic nights out on the town, private get-togethers, intimate dinners, or as a fun activity area for your kids to enjoy with friends and family. You can use this space to host birthday parties, private dinners for two, or even a children’s party to entertain the small ones.

Balcony concepts have changed dramatically over the years, but staying true to the original purpose is essential. A balcony is not a place to dine, relax, or lounge. It was initially built to look over a yard or hearth or to overlook a landscape feature. Today, anyone can create an exciting and custom balcony that is both beautiful and functional.


A comfy seat

A hammock for additional relaxation

A romantic place

A small table could make your balcony a perfect breakfast nook



A space for your kids to draw

Adding bright color to a balcony

Balcony designs decorating Ideas

Balcony designs decorating with flowers

Balcony designs decorating

Beautiful decorating with flowers and colorful fabrics, outdoor dining area

Brick walls bare on a baclony

Colorful flowerpots for small balcony decorating with flowers

Colorful outdoor decorating with flowers and bright fabrics

Creating peaceful and beautiful outdoor rooms with benches, decorative pillows and flowers

Flower pots on the railing

Fold down table

Modern balcony decor

Natural wood is a perfect material to cover balcony's walls.

Small balcony decorating with a green screen

Small balcony decorating with flowers and outdoor furniture

Small balcony decorating with flowers and space saving furniture

Small balcony decorating with flowers

Small balcony with chairs and plants

Vertical gardening