25 Resourceful Methods to Reuse Plastic Bottles

25 Resourceful Methods to Reuse Plastic containers

Plastic water bottles have a considerable carbon impact, with the amount of water going into making a bottle depending on 3 times what’s inside the bottle. Likewise, bottles used to package water take control of 1,500 years to bio-degrade as well as, if blazed, produce toxic fumes.

Plastic bottles are something that most of us utilize each day as water containers. But there are numerous means of giving a plastic bottle a second life. Do not recycle– reuse them!

Popular Everything’s search yielded these 25  resourceful methods to reuse plastic bottle ideas plus one cool benefit. You’ll be surprised by the downright functionality of several of these hacks.

Beach candle holder

Cute plastic planter

Decorative plastic flowers

Decorative vase plastic bottle



Decorative wall or tree planter

Delicate clear bottle vase

Festive colorful wreath

Green bottle Christmas tree

Hanging chandelier


Jewelry tray

Jugs to store pencil crayons

Magazine holders

Monster wall containers

Plastic bird feeder

Plastic bottle foot stool

Plastic bottle gardening

Plastic bottle room divider

Plastic door curtain

Plastic rose lamp

Plastic snack bowls

Red glitter candle holder

Spinach wall garden

Unique yarn dispensers

Wall planters