5 Unexpected (and a bit quirky) trends that will be all the rage in 2021

5 nexpected (and a bit quirky) trends that will be all the rage in 2021

The catwalks have already dictated which fashion trends will be the most in 2021 (and social networks have been in charge of confirming them). The XL blazer, bandeau tops, straight cut jeans, lilac and nude, jumpsuits, and floral dresses are some of the clothes that will reign in spring.

In addition to these wearable garments and colors, 5 unexpected trends have emerged (only suitable for the most daring) that are going to sweep this year and that we have already seen on Instagram as protagonists of the styles of the influencers and style prescribers.

If you want to be the first to know and wear them, take a look at the gallery to see what they are and where to get them. They will surprise you!


Trends 2021: The corset

We start with the corset, one of the unexpected trends that is going to sweep in 2021 and that we already see on Instagram as the protagonist of the looks of those who know the most about fashion. For a sure hit, Wear it over an oversized white shirt.

Instagram: @silviapuertast


Knitted corset

Knitted corset from Zara

If you want to join the corset trend, get this knitted from Zara in black that you can combine with everything. It is not a comfortable garment to wear daily, but you can use it to give your shirts a twist. Also, stylize the silhouette!

Knitted corset from Zara, € 12.95



Trends 2021: Clogs

As for footwear, clogs are positioned as the favorites of style prescribers for 2021. And not only to be at home, but the novelty of the season also consists of combining them with dresses, jeans and all kinds of looks.

Instagram: @emswells


Birkenstock Boston Black Clogs

Birkenstock black clogs

If you want to get yourself some clogs, we recommend these black Birkenstock, a versatile, simple, and easy to combine model. In addition, they are very comfortable!


Knitted jumpsuit

Trends 2021: Knitted Jumpsuit

Knitwear has become the absolute protagonists of 2020. After the cardigan, vest and sweatshirt, the knitted jumpsuit is the latest trend. You sign up?

Instagram: @nazifeeozca


Knitted jumpsuit

Mango knit jumpsuit

If you are a fan of fancy knitted outfits, you are going to love this Mango jumpsuit with a lapel neck and a flared hem with a belt, which you can wear both to be at home and for a street look.

Mango knit jumpsuit, € 59.99



Trends 2021: Harness

Another of the most daring trends of 2021 is the harness. After seeing it on the Gucci and Alexander McQueen catwalks, this accessory has reached Zara and also on Instagram. We are not finished seeing each other (yet) with this accessory but who knows …

Instagram: @merilozanop



Leather effect harness

At Zara, we have signed this leather effect harness with a metal buckle. If you want to join the trend, Combine it with basic tees, shirts, or blazers. The key to looking good is that the garments are oversize!

Harness from Zara, € 25.95


Knit sleeves

Trends 2021: Knitted cuffs

The sleeves are one of the most controversial garments of the season, but which is positioned as one of the favorites for this year. They timidly burst into the fashion scene and although at first, it horrified us, every time we see more possibilities …

Instagram: @claudine_kehoe


Jersey sleeves

Bershka sweater with sleeves

If you too have been tempted and want some muffs, these from Bershka in black are a sure hit. You can wear them on tops, bodysuits, shirts, strap dresses ..


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