55+ Rustic Winter Wedding Suggestions 2022

You will want to consider winter-themed wedding themes if you’re having a winter ceremony. The rustic feel of this wedding will be loved by your guests. Some couples choose a winter theme to match their wedding, while others do it because they love the look. This is a smart choice if your goal is to create a unique and memorable wedding. However, it can be overwhelming to find the right style. If you are planning on using white wedding flowers, what decorations will you use for the season? With a little planning, it is possible to have a rustic wedding.

A winter wonderland filled with evergreens, berries is one idea for rustic winter weddings. You can create your winter wonderland indoors by having your ceremony at a barn or cabin with large evergreen trees that are able to grow through winter. The natural decor of hanging greenery and beads around the tree will delight your guests. Small twigs or branches made from pinecones can be added to the reception area. This will give it a winter feel. For a unique decoration, you could hang pine cones from the branches.

Another way to add rustic touches to your wedding is to use candles. Place rustic candles in evergreen wreaths on either side of your pinecones. Place one in each pinecone or in the pine cones around your reception venue. A grand fall reception outside can be beautiful, but it can also be intimidating. Use nature as your inspiration to bring your rustic winter wedding bouquet into being. Let’s check some ideas together for your rustic winter ceremony.