7 infallible tricks to end frizzy hair

7 infallible tricks to end frizzy hair

Frizz is the great enemy to beat. Yes, okay, we also hate split ends and dryness, but all these things tend to go together and have a single culprit: lack of hydration. And is that Frizz occurs when hair “absorbs” moisture from the environment and swells. Therefore, when it rains the problem is aggravated.

That said, it is clear that hydration is essential to tackle the problem. The more hydrated your hair is, the less frizz it will suffer. However, in addition to buying a mask by the ton, there are other things you can do. Here are seven tricks that really work to get rid of the damned once and for all frizz.



Long hair is less frizzy

The haircut has a lot to do with making it more or less frizzy. If you want to run away from the effect frizz you have two options: wear short or very long hair. The midi lengths are the ones that suffer the most from frizz. However, long layers and blunt ends are best. Avoid the very short capes and the emptied and paraded ones, because they increase the problem.

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Alternate conditioner and mask

Hydration is essential. Choose a hairline, like Kérastase’s Discipline, that is specially formulated to control frizz and alternates the use of the conditioner with that of the mask.




Brush only with damp hair

Brushing your hair, especially if it is wavy or curly, when it is dry it is a mistake that only increases frizz. Do it only when you have it wet and if you need to comb it at another time, do it only with your hands or with a wide-toothed comb.

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Use a serum

The products of styling They are essential because they provide extra hydration and help tame even the most unruly hair. Oils are a good option too. We love this argan from Soivre Cosmetics.




Extra treatment

Besides the use of the mask and the conditioner, you can also introduce extra hydration into your hair routine in the form of a capillary blister. This one, from Nuggela & Sulé, contains hyaluronic acid and keratin and rebuilds and hydquotes hair in depth.




Avoid heat tools as much as possible

It may seem like your hair is much better when you straighten it, but in the long run that only dries your hair more, which ends up leading to more frizz. It is best to let it air dry in its natural shape. If you need to use the dryer, better do it with a diffuser and do not dry it completely. In this way, the weight of the water makes it less frizzy.

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Hair towel

When drying it, it is forbidden to rub the hair with the hand towel. Better use a specific one for hair: due to its textile composition, it absorbs excess water faster and does not damage the hair fibers.



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