Candles that smell great and what you have to try this 2021

Candles that smell great and what you have to try this 2021

Candles are perfect to decorate any corner of the house and help create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Especially scented candles, which also have the ability to transport us with their different aromas.

So that your house smells great this 2021, we have prepared a selection of candles of different fragrances for all tastes. From candles that smell clean to others with sweeter aromas such as cinnamon, caramel, or vanilla. We have also signed a bergamot and wood candle (the typical scents of autumn) and even a candle with lavender that will help you fall asleep. Take a look at the gallery and choose your favorite.


Candle with tuberose and jasmine oils

If you like your home to smell clean, we recommend this candle with essential oils of tuberose and jasmine that has been handcrafted in Spain with soy wax (100% vegetable). This scent has calming properties They help improve mood and control stress.



Candy candle

Candle Candy

For fans of sweet smells, this is the perfect candle. Long-lasting and with the aroma of mint, sugar and vanilla cream, they will make you want to eat it!



Yankee Candle Candle in Jar, Red, Large

Cinnamon candle

This cinnamon candle it will infuse your home with an exotic, relaxing and cozy aroma. In addition, the jar is ideal for decorating.



Friends TV Show - Soy Scented Candle (Caramel Scent)

Friends candle

Friends fans need this candle in his house. With a caramel, butter and cinnamon fragrance that will give your home a warm and cozy aroma.



The Ritual of Ayurveda scented candle by Rituals 290 g

The Ritual of Ayurveda candle

The Ritual of Ayurveda by Rituals is a perfect relaxing candle for any room in the house. It is made with 70% natural sunflower wax and scented with Indian rose and almond oil.



The Ritual of Sakura scented candle by Rituals 290 g

The Ritual of Sakura candle

From this same brand, we also recommend The Ritual of Sakura candle. Made from natural sunflower wax, with sweet and creamy notes of rice milk and cherry blossom. Ideal for turning your home bathroom into a spa!



Mr Wonderfull candle

Mr Wonderful candle

We also want to show you this scented candle with a clean smell that will help you fill your house with good vibes and positivity. Good vibes!



Lolli 225g vanilla, violet and coconut candle

Vanilla, Violet and Coconut Candle

We have loved the combination of aromas: vanilla, violet and coconut. A candle with a delicious fragrance that will be a success for your home, and which is also handcrafted in wax enriched with soy.



HYGGE 425g Black Bergamot Ceramic and Mahogany Wood Candle

Bergamot and mahogany wood candle

If you like autumn smells, get this bergamot and mahogany wood candle. It will create a warm and evocative atmosphere in your home!



NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Basil, Jasmine & Lavender Scented Travel Sleeping Candle

Scented candle to sleep

If you have a hard time falling asleep, This scented candle with the scent of lavender, jasmine and basil will be great for you. Turn it on at night a few minutes before getting into bed to create a relaxed atmosphere.