Cosmetics that make you want to eat them: gels, creams, mists and lip balms that smell super good

Cosmetics that make you want to eat them: gels, creams, mists and lip balms that smell super good

What are your New Years’ resolutions? In case you haven’t thought about them yet, we recommend you sign up for the 12-step CHALLENGE to shine and look younger. And you should not forget to include in your list the “obligation” to convert your bathroom into a spa once a week, to disconnect from the world and give yourself the pampering you deserve.

The shower moment can become a comforting experience if you choose the right products and take a moment for yourself. You will see how good it suits you!

And beyond the shower, there are other products and cosmetics that can help you achieve that much-needed well-being. The aromas help (and a lot) so don’t miss this selection of cosmetics that smell so good you want to eat them: gels, shampoos, creams, lip balms, body and hair mist … An experience for the senses! The best of all is that many of these products can also be carried in your bag to always have their irresistible fragrances with you.


Almond, milk, and honey shower gel

We started the selection with this soothing shower gel from The Body Shop. Its mild soap-free formula respects the natural hydration of the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. Made with almond oil and enriched with honey, It smells great!


Repairing papaya shampoo

Repairing papaya shampoo

If you are looking for a shampoo that makes you want to eat it, this papaya is all you need. Its vegan formula with 98% of ingredients of natural origin is perfect for damaged hair that needs extra nutrition.


Melon lip balm

Watermelon lip balm

We continue with this hydrating lip balm which has a delicious aroma. Softens nourishes, and prevents dry lips, leaving a fresh and fruity watermelon fragrance. In addition, it is formulated with natural ingredients such as sugars, apricot oils, and grape seeds.


Peach multipurpose balm

Peach multipurpose balm

This multi-purpose peach balm is 100% natural and it is used to hydrate and nourish lips, to combat dry skin, cuticles, elbows, hands … If you don’t like the peach scent, you also have it available with the scent of strawberry and green apple.



Vanilla Sanitizing Hand Gel

Vanilla Sanitizing Hand Gel

And if you are looking for a new hydroalcoholic gel that disinfects and smells super good, we recommend this one from Babaria –also available in spray format–, with vanilla and Argan.



Mandarin hand cream

Mandarin hand cream

Now that we wash our hands so much, we have to give them extra hydration. We love this light, fast-absorbing hand cream. with tangerine aroma.



Calendula cream

Calendula cream

We also want to recommend this protective cream for the face and body that hydquotes, soothes, and soothes dry and irritated skin. Its calendula aroma is wonderful!



Body oil infused with rose petals

Body oil infused with rose petals

This nourishing body oil from Yves Rocher contains 99% ingredients of natural origin like coconut oil, macadamia oil, and rose petals that give it an incredible aroma.

Yves Rocher Rose Petal Infused Body Oil, € 8.95


Body and Hair Mist perfume Coco

Coco body and hair mist

Another Yves Rocher super favorite product is this coconut extract hair and body mist, made with 95% ingredients of natural origin. If you like the smell of coconut, you will love it!

Body and Hair Mist perfume Coco by Yves Rocher, € 6.95


Hair and Body Mist of Granada and Fruits of the Forest

Forest fruits hair and body mist

If you are more of fruits of the forest, We recommend this mist with pomegranate, cherry, and rose. You can use it after showering or to refresh your skin and hair at any time.



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