Damn chilblains! 7 cold hand creams that work

Damn chilblains!  7 cold hand creams that work
Photo: Vie Studio at Pexels

Even the toughest hands are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Washing them frequently, the continuous use of hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect them (look for the ones that less dry and do not alter the skin barrier!) And even the constant use of bactericidal products for cleaning the home are taking their toll. And if we add to this inclement weather, such as wind and cold, the result is extremely dry hands, irritated and, in the worst case, cracked or with chilblains.

Think that although the skin on the palm of the hand is thicker and more resistant, the skin on the back is quite similar to that of the neck and décolleté. That is to say, It is a very thin skin, which is immediately affected by external aggressions. Specifically, now, in winter, the cold dehydquotes the skin and sudden changes in temperature produce alterations in skin vascularization, so that They make it more sensitive, causing roughness and even the appearance of cracks. In summer, the problem is the solar radiation that causes, above all, the appearance of spots.

How to prevent dehydration and chapped hands

The dermatologists of the Laser Medical Institute advise the following basic cares so that our hands are not only not punished, but they look healthier and more beautiful than ever:

  • The water’s temperature. When washing your hands, it should be warm, since too hot can damage the outer protective layer of the skin and dry them more. Of course, use a creamy soap that respects the skin’s pH, with ingredients such as theglycerin, panthenol, or vegetable oils.
  • Drying of hands. Should preferably be done with a cotton towel, without rubbing, and in no case under hot air hand dryers.
  • Be careful with the heating! Even if you want to be warm at home, you don’t have to turn your house into a sauna either. The ambient temperature should not exceed 24º, which is the way to avoid dehydration in the hands and the body in general.
  • Hydquotes, hydquotes and re-hydquotes. Apply hand cream and not only after each wash. In winter and In situations like the current one, where we disinfect them continuously, it is convenient to “abuse” moisturizers. In the event that it is already late and you have neglected them, resort to a repairing cream to restore comfort and softness. Below we tell you which ingredients are the most effective.
  • Gloves inside and outside. If you are already used to wearing gloves when going outside when it is very cold, we applaud you, because with this gesture you are sure to avoid the appearance of cracks if your hands are very sensitive. But, Perhaps you are not yet used to wearing other types of gloves, those that protect you indoors from contact with water and cleaning products. Incorporate them into your day-to-day life now.

Two basic recommendations: Avoid excessively tight sizes and models with powder, which facilitate sliding, but end up dehydrating the skin. On the other hand, it is important that you put them on when they are completely dry.

  • An extra help. If your hands are badly damaged, Take advantage of the night to give them an intensive cure. Apply a generous layer of cream to your hands (the more nourishing the better), like a mask, and put on thin cotton gloves. Let it act while you sleep and when you wake up you will see what a transformation! You have never had such soft hands.

What ingredients should you look for in your repairing hand cream

Voucher. From now on, you will not be lazy and will put the above tips into practice. But if you have not yet put on the job and now you spend the day hiding your hands because they are super punished, take note of the ingredients you should look for in your repairing hand cream: urea, dexpanthenol, glycerin, shea butter, olive or jojoba oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and / or honey. You can find all of them in the selection that we have made for you below, where we have focused on searching the most efficient products at the best price. We guarantee that in a few days you will be so comfortable with your hands that the only thing that will worry you is what trend manicure you can do to show them off.



Repairing hand creams Gisèle Denis nourishing and repairing gentle cream

Nourishing and repairing hand creams by Gisèle Denis

It’s no wonder this nourishing and restorative hand cream from Gisèle Denis recently won our Clear Beauty Award for Best Hand Care. Restores the natural protection of the skin, in addition to having a soft and pleasant texture. Combines proven oils and active ingredients, such as shea butter and jojoba and argan oils, that hydrate, nourish and repair the skin of the hands, keeping it firm and protected. Do you want to know what the other winners of the 2020 Clara Beauty Awards are?

When you apply the cream, take the opportunity to massage the hands, without forgetting your wrists, fingers and even nails. Not only will it help the product to penetrate better, but it will reactivate circulation and improve skin quality.



Isdin Ureadin Hands Plus Repairing Hand Creams

Isdin anti-aging and repairing hand cream

A perfect multifunction. In addition to provide a large dose of hydration, thanks to its high content of urea; this Isdin hand cream repairs the skin barrier by dexpentanol (an ingredient that soothes irritations and helps healing) and prevents aging by incorporating coenzyme Q10. It is ideal for the driest and roughest skins that need special hydration.




Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream

True to the original Norwegian formula, including glycerin, this Neutrogena cream is a classic used by the most punished hands exposed to extreme cold. With just a small amount, it soothes, protects and hydquotes the driest and most chapped hands. Provides a pleasant feeling of comfort immediately.



Uriage Bariéderm Repairing Hand Creams

Uriage Bariéderm Hand Cream

Hands are exposed to innumerable daily aggressions and chemical products, so they require special care to isolate and protect them. Among the many benefits of this cream are its Manuka honey content, which gives it a disinfecting effect; the contribution of thermal water from Uriage, which soothes irritated skin and is waterproof. It acts as a protective film under a soft, non-sticky and easily absorbed texture.



Repairing hand creams Atlantia hand and nail cream

Atlantia Aloe Vera Hand Cream

Known are the many benefits of aloe vera, which hydquotes, repairs and regenequotes the skin. The one that contains this Atlantia hand cream in its formula is 100% pure, organic and grown in Gran Canarias. Without parabens and with an allergen-free fragrance, it provides minerals, amino acids and vitamins (A, B and C), with a moisturizing and regenerating action on the tissues.

The plus we love: It contains a waterproof agent, which creates a protective film on the skin, protecting it from water and other agents, and which remains even after hands have been washed.



Nivea 3-in-1 repairing hand creams

Nivea 3-in-1 repairing hand cream

When our hands are so dry, they even appear small wounds, cracks or chilblains, we must resort to creams with specific ingredients to repair your skin urgently. Dexpanthenol is one of the most effective ingredients in this work, in addition to oil and glycerin. All of them are present in this Nivea cream, which provides a immediate relief that lasts for 48 hours, repairing it and leaving it very soft.

Add points: its texture, melting and fast absorption, which penetquotes the driest skins quickly and without leaving a greasy feeling.



CeraVe Repairing Hand Cream

CeraVe ultra-hydrating hand creams

Enriched with three ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this cream deeply replenishes skin’s hydration to reinforce its protective barrier. Its formula, which is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy film, leaves hands soft and with an immediate feeling of comfort,