Desigual and Ecoalf united to create a new sustainable collection

Desigual and Ecoalf united to create a new sustainable collection

Spanish brands Desigual and Ecoalf collaborate to turn their collaboration from last year into a new winter collection made with reused materials.

Last season Desigual and Ecoalf collaborated to create winter coats and garments with waste and recycled materials. This year, both brands have decided to continue working together to create a new Winter line following the same model. Under the slogan “Where the world sees waste, we see an opportunity, we see creativity.”

Unequal was born more than 30 years ago as a brand that transformed used jeans into patch jackets. Since then, they have been working to improve their techniques and achieve unique and durable garments with one idea in mind: sustainability and social responsibility.

On the other hand, Ecoalf is a Spanish brand that carries 10 years of reusing marine waste to turn it into slippers and garbage into fashion products. From their raw material: recycled plastic, nylon, wool, and cotton bottles, recycled tires … they create pellets, which are then turned into filament, then into the fabric, and finally into garments and accessories.


Reuse is the path to sustainability and both Desigual and Ecoalf are clear about it. Mixing already manufactured garments, changing the colors of the jacket sleeves, and using upcycled denim hoods are some of the novelties of their new line. The result? An online Autumn-Winter collection, with 500 exclusive units.

A sustainable Autumn-Winter collection

This new Autumn-Winter line features the rethink long coat, a piece made with recycled polyester, recycled fibers, and urban style. The colors are a combination of black and green, one color is alternated on the body and another on the sleeves and hood. It has 100 units available.

Long coat uneven and ecoalf collection

Long rethink coat. Ecoalf x Desigual Collection.

We also find the short jacket, made with recycled materials and taking advantage of textile waste. Unlike the long jacket, this garment brings a surprise: two removable and interchangeable hoods. The first is made of used jeans and is unique, no two are alike. The second hood is padded, just like the coat. There are 100 limited units of each color available: white, black, and red.

Short coat uneven and ecoalf collection

Short jacket and removable hoods. Ecoalf x Desigual Collection.

The accessories offered by the collection are a reversible bob designed by Ecoalf made with recycled materials. Then we have a black, water-resistant recycled nylon backpack, a blue backpack with a high percentage of recycled polyester. And finally, some recycled polyester sneakers.

Ecoalf and Desigual collection accessories

Blue backpack, reversible bob, and sneakers. Ecoalf x Desigual Collection.

The shared concern for the sustainability of the planet

Javier Goyeneche, president and founder of Ecoalf affirms that:

Reducing environmental impact is everyone’s responsibility. That is why the alliances between the companies that are part of the fashion industry are essential to continue advancing towards a model that allows sustainable fashion production.

Both Spanish brands aim to promote a fashion production model that respects people and our planet. For this reason, they are committed to creating sustainable lines and focus their business model on social responsibility.