Gigi Hadid has fallen for a lowered Mango coat and some wonderful corduroy knee high boots

Gigi Hadid has fallen for a lowered Mango coat and some wonderful corduroy knee high boots

A very ‘chic’ mother. So we could define the latest outfits that the young and iconic American model, Gigi hadid, has looked in recent weeks since she gave birth to her little daughter, whose name is still unknown. It is not surprising that his knowledge about fashion and his ‘looks’ conquer us from the first momentBecause how could I not know about trends, impossible combinations that end up being pure fantasy and pieces that will become the most desired object of the moment?

This weekend he has been seen walking through the streets of New York together with his baby’s carriage and taking a drink brunch with a friend in a famous place known as Sadelle’s. And yes, we confirm that Gigi is our favorite inspiration for any season of the year, but more for winter. So record your star ‘look’, but above all, The coat of a Spanish brand!

Gigi Hadid for New York

Exactly, the model has fallen for this fabulous oversize check design in various shades of brown and masculine cut by Mango. It is made of wool, thus becoming the ideal option for the coldest days of the year and the best of all is … It is reduced to 25%!

Mango Coat

To ward off the cold temperatures of the Big Apple, the new mom has shown us that the dreaded corduroy fabric, the one that has begun to appear in the fashionista arena, may be more versatile than we might think a priori.

The star piece of this winter ‘outfit’ is starring the corduroy and they are nothing more nor less than stunning knee-high boots with a structured heel from luxury footwear firm Dear Frances and they have been sold out in a couple of minutes on your website. They are handcrafted in Italy with textured lace-effect leather that falls into voluminous pleats and embodies the magic of minimalism with a modern twist.

Corduroy boots by Dear Frances

Gigi has concluded this exemplary ‘look’ of how to dress as ten even though the low temperatures lurk on the street corner, with a pair of pasta glasses and a funny hat, known as Monogram Shearlin.

Gigi Hadid with Louis Vuitton hat

It is made of leather, reversible in sheepskin and with details of the logo. scattered throughout the design. It belongs to the Louis Vuitton men’s collection and thus he has added a more casual character to his style that we already want to copy.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Shearling Hat