How can we wear our sequin dresses, skirts and tops now that Christmas is over?

How can we wear our sequin dresses, skirts and tops now that Christmas is over?

What will the sequins have that Christmas is coming and starting to see them sparkling everywhere. They are the absolute queens of the end of the year in any of their versions but, What happens when the twelve chimes of December 31 sound so that after these they disappear? As if it were the Cinderella story, from that moment all the garments that have some shine impregnated in them disappear and are kept in the back of the closet until the following winter.

Inertia leads us to think of them almost as part of the Christmas decoration, but we must not lose sight of the fact that sequins can continue to play on many other occasions. What’s more, it doesn’t even have to be at night and in a festive setting when resorting to them. Every day is also a great opportunity to take advantage of them And, incidentally, explore other ways when it comes to developing our outfits to get out of the same old thing.


It’s actually much easier than it seems to let the sparkles convince you. It is enough to carry them safely, not be afraid of them and, above all, that they are not excessive. For the latter there are many tricks that can help you. The first of them is to choose a shoe that does not add intensity but subtracts it. Comfortable flat boots, military ankle boots, and even sneakers are the best options.

Another option is to cheer you up with a mix of fabrics more casual. Of course no fur, silk, or velvet, but denim, knitwear, or cotton. Do it, for example, with jeans if it is a top, with a sweater if what you have with sequins is a skirt or sweatshirts if it is with pants.

Remember as a last rule of thumb something that can work for you in this case and in anyone and that never underquotes the power of the basics. Before the slightest doubt of what to wear it with, nothing like a simple and smooth piece to do it.




Belen Hostalet with sequined pants and boots

To wear sequins in a more informal context and away from the night, it is best to play with shoes. How about some military boots? The result will surprise you.


Jessiekas. Jersey look with sequin skirt


Jersey look with sequin skirt

One of the ways we like to combine sequins the most is with knitwear. The mixture of both fabrics is so attractive that it achieves a perfect balance between formal and casual.


Carmen Gimeno2. Carmen Gimeno's look with sequin pants


Carmen Gimeno’s look with sequin pants

One of the key pieces this season is the hoodie, so we think it’s a great idea to wear it with sequin pants and boots. Comfortable and the last. This is the look that the influencer Carmen Gimeno chose with pants and blazer from Zara and sweatshirts from H&M.


Erika Boldrin with sequin skirt


Erika Boldrin with sequin skirt

The same look you chose for New Year’s Eve of a sequin skirt with a black top and blazer can be replicated for the day if you change the heels for some comfortable boots.


ladyaddict. Look with sequin pants


Look with sequin pants

Sequin pants can be used a lot beyond the holidays. With a nice blouse, for example, you will get an elegant look that is not overly formal.


Madamederosa. Sequin skirt with oversized cardigan


Sequin skirt with oversized cardigan

Another proof that knit and glitter go very well together is this look in which the stars are a cardigan and a tulle skirt. A different mix that you can use for day-to-day wear with ballerinas or boots.


dew. Rocío Osorno with shiny mask


Rocío Osorno with shiny mask

If you are one of those who does not renounce shine at any time of the year, accessories will be your best allies and in times like those in which we live nothing like a mask full of sparkles to lift your look.


violet-mangrinyan. Look with sequin mini skirt


Look with sequin mini skirt

Another different way to wear sequins and a sweatshirt is with a mini skirt and a shoulder bag. Maybe you would never have dared to try your luck but, after seeing how good it looks, you are sure to cheer up.


sincerelyjules. Look with sequin boots


Look with sequin boots

High heeled and shiny boots like these are capable of adding a festive touch to any garment, so it is important that the rest of the elements of the look are simple so that they do not clash in a different context.


Carmen moan. Knitted sweatshirt, sequin pants and sneakers


Knitted sweatshirt, sequin pants and sneakers

Finally, a formula to wear sequins in a comfortable and casual way during the day. A few sneakers and a knitted sweater with a hood are enough to make it a success.