How to avoid the yo-yo effect on a diet once and for all

How to avoid the yo-yo effect on a diet once and for all

You have spent half your life dieting and the same thing always happens: your weight does not finish stabilizing. Your scale moves more than prices… This can not be! The time has come to take the yo-yo effect for a walk and stay at your ideal weight.

To stand up to the damn rebound effect, the first thing you must do is know your enemy well: “The rebound effect is a reaction to a restrictive or miracle diet, which generally imposes control, prohibits certain foods, limits social life and eliminates enjoyment with food. These restrictions mean that when you finish the diet or lower your level of motivation, you go right to the other side, that of overeating. After a period of much control, the lack of control arises”, Explains the psychologist Itzíar Digón. “As a result of the satisfaction of this emotional hunger, you regain all the lost weight and even gain a few more kilograms” Adds the expert in Mindful Eating and conscious eating.

The importance of following a personalized diet

And what can you do to prevent this from happening? “The ideal would be to find the balance between what we eat and what we spend other words, controlling what we eat and drink taking into account what we consume through physical activity. For it is important to follow a personalized diet (avoiding dangerous miracle diets), doing regular physical exercise and acquiring healthy habits “, recommends Dr. Cristina Porca Fernández, Dietitian-Nutritionist member of SEEDO.

What to do to not recover a gram

The first thing you have to do to not regain the weight you have lost is to incorporate and maintain healthy habits acquired during the diet.

From a nutritional and health point of view, Dr. Porca Fernández offers the following guidelines.

  • Assimilate that once the target weight is reached we will not be able to eat exactly the same as before.
  • Respect the occasional consumption of sweets, refined flours, soft drinks, or alcohol (if you want to incorporate them again).
  • Know how to correctly define occasional consumption, since many times we think that occasional consumption is to be able to consume them from Friday to Sunday routinely and it is not like that. Occasional means every once in a while.
  • To practice physical activity.
  • Be clear that if one day we go off our usual diet, nothing happens, you do not have to make extreme compensations and the important thing is to be able to return to our healthy and balanced diet.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Give the importance they deserve in our diet to fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep enough.
  • Carry one active life.
  • Controlling stress, since generally in these episodes we tend to “look for” foods rich in fat or high in sugar or derivatives that give us a certain momentary pleasure.

The danger of “free meals”

It has already become clear that, after reaching your goal, you cannot consider going back to the diet you used before. If you had gained weight, it is because something was not quite right in your diet.

What to set a number of “free meals” it also has its complication. “It has been shown that it helps patients psychologically and allows them to better carry the guidelines and adapt them to special moments or celebrations, but also carry a certain risk since there are those who hide behind them to make consumption out of control” explains the Dr. and adds:” A single meal cannot spoil your results for a week, but we must know how to control them and not understand them as a time when everything is allowed and in which you can eat without control “.

For this, the nutritionist recommends that, rather than establishing a number of free weekly meals, it is best to know that nothing happens if one day we want to do it; alone you have to have control, enjoy it and return to your routine the next day or at the next meal.

To finish, the psychologist recommends these tricks that can be interesting for the day today. Put them into practice and take the yo-yo effect for a ride!

Always eat at the same time and in the same place

Write your appointment with food on your agenda. It may seem silly to you, but maybe it’s the only way you can convince yourself that this moment is important to youi, much more than other commitments you have throughout the day.

You won’t believe it, but eating at the same time every day can help you control your weight. This habit improves metabolism and promotes good digestion. Eating after hours, on the other hand, can slow down our metabolism.

“Try to always eat at the same time and do it always sitting, if possible in the same place in the house. Establishing this routine also has many benefits in eating”, Points out the psychologist Itzíar Digón.


Give yourself a good pampering session

Give yourself a good pampering session

Are you one of those who dream of taking a bubble bath at the end of the day? Are you passionate about reading? Do you relax listening to music? Do you enjoy watching a series or a good movie? Whatever your hobbies, you must find a moment for yourself, if possible every day. You don’t have to invest too much time, but you do need to go to sleep with the feeling that you have done something just for yourself during the day. Not everything is work, children, shopping, housework … Taking a moment can feed you much more than a good plate of food.

“Feed yourself with other things than food. There are many things in life that feed you and fill your backpack with satisfaction. You must discover which ones work for you for not using food to fill emotional voids”, Says the psychologist.


Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth

If after eating you have a crazy urge to binge on sweets, go quickly to brush your teeth. This simple gesture usually takes away your hunger.

Although there is no scientific evidence that brushing your teeth has an effect on hormones that regulate appetite, it does seem to be proven that it manages to “trick” our brain. The brain remembers that you always brush your teeth after eating food and this often convinces you that you have had enough and you are satisfied.


Climb stairs

Climb stairs

Another factor that makes you regain lost weight in record time is lack of activity. Many times we park our sneakers and stop hitting the gym as soon as we reach our healthy weight. That can not be! You must stay active if you want your metabolism to work well.

Exercise should be part of your everyday life. You don’t have to beat yourself up every day, just introducing little habits is enough. Get off one stop earlier and finish the journey to work or home on foot; Forget the elevator and escalators and go up on your own … These little efforts can help you stay in line.


Practice minfuldeatting

Practice ‘Mindful Eating’

By now you should know that Mindfulness consists of focusing on the present moment. Living consciously helps you enjoy things more and get away from worries. This discipline also applies at mealtime. Known as Mindful Eating, consists of putting all your attention on the food, Visualize what you are going to eat, smell it, try to recognize the ingredients that make up the dish and imagine how it has been cooked, savor each bite and chew it as many times as you are able to decipher its flavors and notice the amount you need … This way you will enjoy food much more and your digestions will be much more pleasant.


Play relaxing music to eat

Play relaxing music to eat

You have to start living the time of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner as a real ritual. Putting on your headphones to relaxing tunes can help to get it. “The moment of the meal does not consist only in taking food, it is much more… It is a moment to stop, to look for your silences, your muscular relaxation… It is a ritual that goes beyond the simple act of feeding”, Explains Itzíar Digón.


Listen to your stomach

Listen to your stomach

When you go to eat, focus on what you are doing and connect with your stomach. To know if it is full or empty, you must pay attention to it and learn to decipher its signals. Don’t even think about eating with distractions. Don’t turn on the TV, stay away from your laptop and forget about your mobile. If you take advantage of the mealtime to answer e-mails, check your social networks or check your WhatsApp status, it is very possible that you eat more quickly than you should and surely you take more amounts than you should.

  • Very important! Don’t use your stomach as a garbage can. “We have been taught that it is rude to leave something on the plate and throw food away, but we must begin to banish these beliefs. We must listen to our body and stop eating when we are satisfied. It is a question of health ”, concludes the psychologist.


Don't put restrictions on yourself

Don’t put restrictions on yourself

Stop putting so many limits and restrictions on yourself. As the expert explains, excessive control can end up triggering lack of control. It is preferable to eat everything in small quantities than to deprive yourself of something and end up suffering from anxiety. The key is to know yourself well and learn to differentiate physiological hunger from emotional hunger. Nothing happens if one day you get carried away by emotions and eat more than necessary, but the idea is to learn to identify the urge to eat motivated by some emotional void and find a resource other than food to calm it down.