How-To Contour Like A Professional?

Today, you can’t even say “Kardashian,” without thinking about “contour.” Reality star Kim Kardashian is responsible for popularizing the modern, everyday contour look. Face contouring is a popular trend on social media. Everybody, from Kylie Jenner and your neighbor, seems to be posting photos on social media showing off sculpted cheekbones. This is the right course material to help you understand how these people do it.

We will show you how to highlight your face and apply contour makeup. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Follow the steps and practice.

How-To Contour Like A Professional?

1. Apply your foundation and concealer like normal.

2. For chiseled cheekbones: suck your cheeks. Next, apply the product to the hollow. Continue to blend the product well until the hollow is in line with your corner.

3. Highlighter can be applied to the cheekbones above the contour in order to emphasize the contour. Blend from the corner to the center of the cheek.

4. For a slimming effect on your forehead, apply contour color to your temples. Blend it into your hairline. Finally, add a highlighter to the top of your forehead.

5. Use a cream or stick product to contour your nose. Blend well. After that, lightly blend the highlighter along the bridge of the nose.

6. After contouring is done, apply the rest of your makeup. Blusher, bronzer, and setting powder should be applied after contouring.