How to wear the French-style beret, the favorite accessory of winter

How to wear the French-style beret, the favorite accessory of winter

It is a fact that the French style is the most desired and imitated internationally. Who has not wanted to wear a pair of ‘jeans’ that feel great, with a basic cashmere sweater and a strategically placed beret at the side and feel completely Parisian? Sometimes the trends of the moment, such as the boom in trench coats or sailor stripes, they can go hand in hand with what is seen on the avenues of Paris, but its basic style keys (whatever the season) never go out of style, therein lies its true magic and today we have fallen for its charms.

After carefully scanning his iconic cliché that combines romantic touches with more avant-garde ones, without a doubt the favorite accessory for winter is nothing more nor less than the beret. Although their origin dates back to the Bronze Age and later they were part of the typical costumes of the Basque Country, they have been French women who have given him that ‘chic’ image that has put him on the rise, thus becoming the most desired accessory in recent years.

No wonder that famous je ne sais quois that starred dozens of French women as the designer Coco Chanel and the actresses Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn (although he was born in Belgium) and Jane Birkin, among others, they made history and conquered the world of Hollywood and the most demanded catwalks of the time with their talent and a great sense of fashion.

Gabrielle Chanel with beret

Now new personalities millennials (although not all are) have taken up this legacy. They cover it through their photographs on their Instagram account with a more modern and attractive touch. An example of this is the recognized model Caroline de Maigret, the successful businesswoman Jeanne dammas, the fashion consultancy Leia sfez, the journalist Sabina Socol

Other style prescribers who are not French are also encouraged to this heritage, but who with their studied ‘looks’ could perfectly pass through one of them, such as the already iconic Nordic stylistics. Emili Sindlev.

Emili Sindlev with beret in Paris

If you are truly passionate about the secrets (and the envied wardrobe) of its citizens, we know how to get this romantic Parisian effect with little pills that you can find these discounts. The beret summarizes the classic guidelines of how to dress to succeed stylistically speaking in the cold months. If you want to join the most fashionable ranks in history, this is how you should wear it, place it and combine it so as not to fail in the attempt.



High neck jumpers


High neck jumpers

In the middle of winter, do like this ‘fashion insider’. Slip into a gray knitted sweater with XXL high neck, a good dark-hued wool coat fitted with a leather belt and sunglasses.


Blanca Miró with a beret at the Chanel fashion show


With bicolor ‘look’

The Spanish Blanca Miró he’s not afraid to take risks in stylistic terms. She was seen at the doors of a Chanel show wearing a very striking ‘look’ with the bicolor most feared of all time: red and pink. Not forgetting the beret, of course.


Military coat


Military coat

If you have forgotten in the back of the closet that long military cut coat With details like the hair on the lapel, grab it. It will be part of the most chic winter outfit with a nice contrasting beret, like this one in red.


Emili Sindlev with beret in Paris


Special garments

If you want to go a step further, do like Emili Sindlev. Combine one special garment that you don’t usually wear every day it’s like she does the stylistics with a satin blouse with yellow feathers, ‘jeans’ and a printed ‘beret’.


Leather 'trench'


Leather ‘trench’

The influencer Valencian Marta Lozano has been carried away by the retro aesthetic with a beautiful ‘faux leather trench coat in black The set of the beret, worn ‘jeans’ and white ankle boots with detail on the wooden heel.


With a different outfit


A different outfit

The designer Maria de la Orden who has lived between Madrid and Paris since he was 18 years old, bet this time by combining this accessory in mustard tone with a wonderful plaid suit, plastic sunglasses and XL earrings.