In 2021 you are going to forget about tight jeans: this is the most fashionable jeans of the new year

In 2021 you are going to forget about tight jeans: this is the most fashionable jeans of the new year

Though Victoria Beckham is sure that skinny pants are not dead (She is possibly the famous one who wears them the most and best), friends, we all know that the pandemic has made us change our way of dressing, and talking about jeans in 2021 is talking about baggy jeans. We are not telling you to burn your pants skinny, that in fashion you never know when you will find a trend that returns after being ostracized, but they will take a back seat. The jeans trends in 2021 could be summed up with one word: widths.

You just have to take a look at the looks of the influencers on Instagram (and, of course, those of TikTok): there is no influencer or TikTok worth it’s salt that does not wear 90s-inspired jeans, which remind us of the grunge of the time and that translated into pandemic terms are pure comforts. Of course, what makes them different, as Karl Lagerfeld said, is you and the way you wear them. “I never use the word ‘cheap’. Today, anyone can dress chic out of cheap clothes. There are stylish designs at any budget level. You can be the most stylish person in the world with just a shirt and jeans, the differential factor is you “the German designer once commented.

Wide leg, uneven waist, wasp waist effect, darts, ripped … In 2021, we have a wide variety of jeans trends, but, hey, you better see them, we have also prepared a shopping in case you want to go ahead and get the fashionable jeans that influencers already wear.



Chiara Ferragni's love for baggy paper bag jeans


Chiara Ferragni’s love for baggy paper bag jeans

If there is a garment that the Italian influencer wears ad nauseam, it is jeans and now that she is pregnant, she does not renounce them either. In one of her latest Instagram posts we have seen her wearing baggy paper bag jeans, the most comfortable because they are completely wide and have an elastic waistband. They also create a wasp waist effect that we love.


zara paper bag jeans


Baggy paper bag jeans by Zara

If you liked Chiara’s jeans, know that they are still available at Zara. Stonewashed, it narrows, like the slouchy, when it reaches the ankle and looks just as good with sneakers as with track-soled ankle boots, which are priced at € 25.95.




The ripped jeans, but in their straight version

Although for a couple of years we seem to forget about ripped and worn jeans, have returned to the radar of fashion experts. If you want a trick to wear them (and increase that 90s look), combine them with loafers, like Pernille Teisbaek, and a knitted vest, one of the star garments of this 2021.




Ripped pants, from Shein

In Shein we have signed pants very similar to those of the influencer, they also have very long legs and cost € 19.




Jeanette’s high-waisted loose jeans

Surely your mother saw them in the 90s (or maybe even you would have worn them), wide-leg high-rise pants They are on the list of fashionable jeans. And, be careful, we are not surprised because they feel great and are zero adjusted.




Straight leg jeans by Mango

They are the classic trousers par excellence and among Mango’s novelties, there is no shortage of straight high-waisted trousers, which cost € 39.99 and are available up to size 44.




Jeanne’s pleated jeans

Because of its similarity to men’s suit pants, pleated jeans give us a sense of elegance no one else gives to us. Unlike the slouchy, these trendy 2021 jeans have straight leg, therefore it has a more classic and sophisticated look.




The most elegant jeans, by Asos

If you want some elegant jeans, head over to Asos: there we found this model with darts, which cost € 36.99.




Jessica Skye’s uneven waist jeans

In 2021 we will be able to make a difference even with the waistband of jeans, like Jessica Skye’s, and they are very flattering if you wear them with short jumpers or tops.


€ 35.99 -bershka


Bershka two-tone uneven waist jeans

Among the virtual shelves of Bershka, we have found some jeans very similar to those of the influencer, with the only difference that they are bicolor, therefore more original, and cost € 35.99.