In shape with Patry Jordan: The 10 best videos to start exercising and losing weight

In shape with Patry Jordan: The 10 best videos to start exercising and losing weight

Patry Jordan entrena segun tu objetivo

-->If one of your purposes for 2021 is to exercise and get in shape, this interests you. In addition to improving your physical fitness, sports are proven to promote the release of endorphins, which helps improve mood and reduce stress, so we can’t think of a better way to start the year.

Therefore, we have compiled 10 videos from Patry Jordan’s YouTube channel –CLARA collaborator with her blog El gym en casa–, which will be great for training according to your goal: lose weight, tone, gain flexibility, lose belly … Let’s do it!

1. Cardio burns fat (12 minutes)

To burn fat and lose weight, we recommend you start with this 12-minute video. Although it seems very short, it is quite intense and you will end up sweating! And if you feel like more, you can complete your training with other videos that work your glutes, legs, arms or abdomen.

2. Exercises for abdomen (10 minutes)

In addition to high intensity cardio, which is essential to accelerate metabolism and lose weight, strengthening the abdomen will help you a lot to lose belly and get a flat stomach. This 10 minute video is perfect to do from home, you do not need material or have a lot of free time.

3. Routine for glutes and legs (13 minutes)

If what you are looking for is to define your legs and your glutes, save this video in favorites because it will be great for you. You can do this routine in just 20 minutes and you don’t need material! Supplement it with a squat routine and a proper diet to get results in two weeks.

4. Weighted arm routine

To get defined arms, you just need to do this workout two or three times a week. You need some dumbbells, but if you don’t have one, two bottles of water also work.

5. Exercises for arms at home

Many times the arms are the great forgotten in training and it’s a big mistake. If you don’t have dumbbells at home or don’t want to use weight, take note of these exercises for arms without material.

6. Exercises to gain flexibility

The best way to finish the training is with a good stretch to gain flexibility, which will help you improve posture and avoid injury. Although it is also highly recommended to do them first thing in the morning, to start the day well.

7. Cardio without impact

We also want to show you this video of lighter cardio exercises, without impact, specially indicated to avoid injuries or knee pain. And it’s just as effective!

8. Exercises to tone the inner thigh

For those days when you want to focus your attention on the inner thigh and get killer legs in record time, this video is for you. If you are also concerned about cellulite in this area, we will tell you everything you need to know to combat it in record time according to the experts.

9. Lose weight by dancing: cardio exercises

And if you are lazy to exercise, there is nothing more fun than losing weight while dancing, burning calories and having fun! On his YouTube channel, you will find many more songs with the choreography of this type.

10. 30 minute full body routine

If you have 30 minutes and want to do a complete workout of arms, legs, glutes, and abdomen This routine that Patry Jordan proposes is ideal.