Remaining a Bohemian Goddess: How to Dress in The Boho-Chic Vogue

Bohemian Style is one of the most timeless aesthetics. This Style exudes a sense of nonconformity with the current cultural trends. The designs are heavily influenced by the ’60s and 70’s styles that have filtered into today’s most prominent fashions.¬†From Bohemian glam rock to punk rock, this Style has gone through many changes and influences.

Some of the more popular materials include denim, chiffon, cotton, and linen. If you choose to incorporate the Bohemian Style in your wardrobe, it would be wise to slightly oversize your clothes. A fitted jacket would look great and would pair well with jackets, denim skirts, or dresses. You can incorporate different fabrics for your everyday outfits and use other layered techniques to create different effects. Some examples of layered clothes would be a long jacket with a denim skirt, denim trousers with a layered effect in the form of a cardigan, layered tops with jackets, etc.

One of the newest trends in Bohemian fashion is Boho Chic. This type of Bohemian Style is all about the comfort of clothing and yet still conveys an attitude of fun and fashion. Boho chic clothes can be bought from many brands like Bigga, Baby Phat, and D&G. These brands incorporate beautiful fabrics like satin, silk, denim, and creams and work on the concept of recycling to create products without harming the environment. Many of these brands like Baby Phat and Bigga also produce their clothes in other countries like Korea and Italy, which is helping to reduce the negative impact we make on the environment.