The 10 hairstyles for medium hair that feel best

The 10 hairstyles for medium hair that feel best

Give with the ideal haircut It is not easy, but once we get it, everything is joy. By now you know which haircuts will triumph in 2021 among women over 50 and what colors we will not stop seeing throughout the year. From Dark Leather to Ruby Red, through Titanium Hair to the blondes that sweep the nets.

Now if we talk about haircuts, there is an infallible one that favors all face types and ages. That cut is the half mane and it is comfortable, practical, and very stylish. We’ve all worn it at least once in our lives, right? Whether you are considering doing it again or wearing it today, we have selected the 10 hairstyles that best suit this type of cut. Take note!

Curtain bangs

Have you also fallen into the curtain bangs this year? If not yet … what are you waiting for? It feels great with medium hair, as Lucy Boynton demonstquotes. In addition, it gives a lot of play for look semi-collected and adds volume to the hair.

Photo: @ lucyboynton1



Low bun

Make a perfect low bun It is very easy if you have medium hair, the amount of hair is adequate to make it subtle and not too large. Look at Alexandra Pereira, she couldn’t fit better.

Photo: @alexandrapereira



Short curved bob

His short curved bob has become one of the most powerful trends of the season. Many celebs wear it because not only is it stylish, but it is also comfortable and very practical. You just have to comb your hair with the ends inwards with a brush and blow dryer.

Photo: @Selena Gomez



Semi-gathered with ponytail

Medium mane and fine hair? Then Hailey Bieber is the best inspiration for you. A semi-collected with a ponytail letting loose those strands that escape (Yes, we know what it is that your hair does not hold well …) it will favor you a lot.

Photo: @haileybieber



With waves

Subtle, elegant and with a lot of movement. This hairstyle with waves at the tips that Laura Escanes proposes is perfect for a special occasion, but also for everyday use because it is very easy to do. Discover the viral trick to make surf waves without heat.

Photo: @lauraescanes



Half braids

Do you know little simple buns and pigtails? Take advantage of those strands that stay loose to make half braids, those undone braids they do not need rubber.

Photo: @bellahadid



Wet effect

Are you looking for something shocking? There is no better reference than JLo to achieve a look that will not leave anyone indifferent. He wet effect, which took so long a few seasons ago, is perfect for finish off a heart attack look. Only suitable for daring stockings.

Photo: @jlo



Semi-collected with clamp

The medium hair is perfect to try with the semi-collected. You just need a clamp how is it to get a tousled effect mini bun, It can not be easier!

Photo: @annelauremais




If you are looking for a original hairstyle for a more special occasion, dare with the hairpins on both sides of the face. The half hair is the perfect cut to wear, it goes according to the casual and youthful air of this accessory. You will make a difference!

Photo: @alexachung




Dear braids lover, we have good news for you: there is no cut that makes it easier to wear them than half-length hair. To get an informal and different detailer to get a side like Kayley Melissa’s.

Photo: @kayleymelissa


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