The bangs that will sweep in 2021 flatters us all: hello, curtain bangs!

The bangs that will sweep in 2021 flatters us all: hello, curtain bangs!

The bangs that will sweep in 2021 flatters us all: hello, curtain bangs!

-->Starting the year with a makeover has become a tradition for many of us. While the most daring bet on a radical cut, a different coloring or a transgressive hairstyle, others are satisfied with retouching the highlights or giving our hair a different look … And that’s where the fringe comes in!

A simple cut in front of the hair can give you a new look and make you start this new phase with great style. And do you know which bangs are going to sweep you over the next 12 months? Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you do something crazy, the new possession favors us all. The singer Edurne, the actress Penelope Cruz and the versatile Alexa Chung cannot live without him.

“In 2021 we are going to see a lot the bangs open in the curtain, thick and paraded at the tip. It is a very versatile fringe, which is worn very naturally in any type of hair ”, announces the stylist Noelia Jimenez.

Detachable bangs

As you see, It is not a new fringe, but a classic that is reinvented every season and is loaded with advantages. The first one is that it can be played with, wearing it in different ways and even camouflaging it with our hair. “It’s a removable fringe. As soon as you can enjoy it by combing it down and opening it with your fingers in the middle or to the side (as you want) how to make it disappear.

Getting it is as simple as taking it to the sides or combing your hair with the part in the middle and integrating it into your hair ”, proposes the owner of the well-known Salon Noelia Jiménez.

Who favors

More advantages … It suits us all! It does not matter what cut you have and the type of face you have. The case is to find the style that best suits your features.

As Noelia explains, it suits any type of ovals, although some adaptations must be made: “For round faces longer bangs with a lot of side slant are better who hones the oval. The fine faces, in reverse; they need less slanting and thicker bangs, which almost pulled the crown forward; in this way, a more rounded face effect is achieved ”, he explains.

How to do these bangs?

Curtain open bangs have to be thick. It is usually cut with the middle part, with lateral inclinations to give it a lot of movement, since this allows you to take it to one side or the other without a problem.

“You should never make a straight scissor cut; It is much more natural to parade it with a razor, yes, only at the tip. It runs from the middle of the nose approximately, lengthening it towards the sides in an inverted “V” shape, and integquotes into the profiles of the hair so that it does not hang down ”explains the expert.

Tricks to keep it perfect

So far so good, but there is something that worries us all when we cut our bangs. We come out very cute from the hair, but … how do we maintain it? Do not panic!

Noelia Jiménez assures that This fringe does not make you a slave to your beauty salon at all: “Its maintenance is very simple since when combing open and not going to the limit of the eyes, does not bother. You simply let it grow and when you notice it without grace or movement, you make an appointment with your stylist again ”.

The keys to keeping it flawless are basic: keep your hair very clean and shiny and avoid using styling products. The bangs tend to get dirtier than the rest of the hair and these products can add more oil.

  • A trick. If your bangs are greasy, but the rest of your hair is flawless, shampoo dry. Spray the product right on the fringe area, let it work and style with a brush. So You can space the washes and wear your impeccable look.