The brown highlights that will be worn the most in 2021 will make you look younger

The brown highlights that will be worn the most in 2021 will make you look younger

Highlights are the easiest way to give a renewed appearance to your hair and that the result is the most natural. And although blondes, in all their versions, are the most demanded in hairdressers, there is life beyond. You don’t have to go far, however, to give dark manes a bit of life. In fact, in brown tones, there is a whole universe of possibilities that will allow them to be filled with light.

Shades like caramel, copper, hazelnut or honey are ideal for transforming your dark tone and giving it a three-dimensional effect, whether in a balayage version, baby lights, melting coloration … Not only will it add movement to your hair, it will also subtract years from you. That is one of the great advantages of chestnut highlights, that although the change is not radical, they rejuvenate and update your look.


Honey brown highlights

The honey tone is the most similar to the blond of the brown highlights. However, it is full of nuances, it is a mix between both tones. It is ideal to give dimension to the hair in the form of balayage highlights, leaving the roots dark to natural and lightening slightly towards the ends.

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Caramel highlights on chestnut manes

Caramel tones with light and dark nuances are perfect for giving warmth to brunette and chestnut manes, also in a balayage version. They are applied to the front locks in a way that illuminates the face and gives a 3D effect to the entire hair.

Image: @keelanshaircouture


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Hazelnut wicks

Do you have the color of hazelnuts in mind? Are from a dark brown shade and has lighter brown streaks. Well, that is the effect that we try to replicate in a wick version and, the truth is that we cannot like the effect more. The mix of tones adds an extra volume and it is the most sophisticated.

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Wicks in copper color

The copper tones, which tend slightly to reddish, are PER-FEC-TAS for dark manes. In fact, much brown hair tends to copper as they grow because it is the natural way in which they are lightened by wear and tear and the action of the sun.

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Almond-tone highlights

The contrast that is sought with this tone of brown highlights is greater since the tone of the almonds has a brown tone that tends slightly to golden. On dark hair, they are more noticeable and are not so natural, but they also have the great virtue of rejuvenating.

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Cinnamon brown highlights

The cinnamon tone is a light brown that it tends slightly too orange or even red. It only takes a few touches on the tips to update the look and they have the great advantage that applied like this, they require almost no maintenance.

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chestnut highlights

Mahogany highlights on dark manes

The mahogany color is a perfect hybrid between red and brown in a dark version, so it is also ideal for adding dimension and texture to brunette and chestnut manes.

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chestnut highlights

Glossy highlights

The objective of this coloring is not to give color as such, but to achieve an ultra-shiny effect on the hair. They are super fashionable because what they want is to give a healthy and natural look to the hair.

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