Watches with recycled materials and with a strong commitment to the environment.

Watches with recycled materials and with a strong commitment to the environment.

The climate emergency has led fashion and accessory firms to reinvent themselves and bet on products made in a sustainable way and with recycled materials.

One of the most used and indispensable accessories for most people is the watch and the watch industry, which is increasingly committed to the environment. We have already spoken on several occasions about changing our habits towards a more sustainable world. If you want a watch and support this cause, here are some of the latest news:

Tom Ford goes beyond using recycled materials

Also, the American brand Tom ford launched its first range of sustainable watches. The collection is named ‘Ocean Plastic ‘.

In Ford’s own words: “In my opinion, ethical luxury is one of the greatest luxuries of all”. Each watch in this collection permanently removes the equivalent of 35 ocean plastic bottles. This watch is made on 100% recycled plastics coming from the sea and the coasts, as well as from uncontrolled landfills.

Tom Ford 002 watch is made of 100% plastics from the oceans. Photo: Ted Morrison

The American company has collaborated with 52HZ in frame Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize. This award aims to encourage to innovate to combat pollution from plastics. The prize money is 1 million dollars awarded by a panel of judges from leading companies.

At the moment these watches can be reserved through its website and they are priced at $ 995.

Chopard bets on recycled steel and fair mining

The prestigious brand Chopard has also joined working with sustainable materials. In your case, the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono is proof of it. It is the only watch in the company that has used Lucent Steel A223, made from up to 70% recycled steel and the 30% remaining steel extracted from 100% traceable sources. As it has been forged twice, it has a greater hardness than 316L steel used by almost all manufacturers. Since 2018 Chopard is using 100% fair mined gold and invests in local mines of Latin America. One of the models of this watch is manufactured precisely with ethical rose gold.


The sport-chic watches Alpine Eagle XL Chrono 44 mm diameter, automatic. The one on the left. It is rose gold and steel with an Absolute Black dial. Right steel total look with Aletsch blue dial

The name ‘Alpine’ already indicates that the Alps have been a source of inspiration, as well as the Eagles that inhabit them. This same year, he received the award for best design of the Revolution Watch Magazine. The price of the watch is around € 19,100. Find out where to find it through its Web.

Wooderson and his challenge to move towards sustainability

Woodenson is a Spanish brand that bets on materials such as wood and bamboo to make their watches. On their website they highlight that the benefits of using wood are that it is biodegradable, is of quality being a light material, resistant, and does not produce allergies. Bamboo, for its part, is also resistant, and in turn, flexible and strong like steel. The material comes from sustainable forests with FSC, PEFC, or Rainforest Alliance certificates. As some of the parts of the watch cannot be made of wood, such as the buckle, mechanism, or hands, from Woodenson they are in charge of below the use of harmful substances as determined by the EU.



Customize your watch with recycled wood and steel.

his range of watches is very wide and its price range goes from € 49 to € 169 and can be purchased through your online store. This Christmas they have launched an offer that allows you to benefit from a 10% discount.

Ulysse Nardin tries a concept watch

On the other hand, Ulysse Nardin has created Diver Net, a concept watch. It has been created in conjunction with three French designers who created the 1st fishing net recycling industry in France, FIL & FAB.


Courtesy of

This company is responsible for recycling nets discarded from the ports to transform them into polyamide granules, a material highly resistant to friction and used to decorate the case, the case, the back, and the bezel of the new watch. Referring to strap is made of plastics extracted from the sea by TIDE company. In turn, the sapphire crystal has been replaced by a transparent ceramic glass, which represents a lower energy impact during its manufacture.


Extracted from

It’s about a watch-concept that will not be for sale since the launch to the market is still being worked on.

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