We already have the color to start 2021 with energy: Orange

We already have the color to start 2021 with energy: Orange

“We need to feel that everything will become brighter, this is essential for the human spirit,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, by announcing that it would be yellow baptized with the evocative name of Illuminating, the tone that would take center stage in 2021.

After such a traumatic year, it was to be expected that it would be a matter of shedding light and that our wardrobe would be organized in that line, hence we were not so surprised by this decision that opts for such a vibrant tone for the next few months. Especially since what Pantone has actually done is to accentuate more a line that had already been marked months ago by creators and insiders when choosing the Orange as atonality to take into account.

Energy, positivity, enthusiasm, and joy are some of the adjectives that come to mind when we think of this color that, due to its constant association with religion or the prison uniform, has not been very well treated in the industry. Despite everything, his return is already a reality that promises to give a lot of play in its different intensities.


We are not going to fool you it is not an easy tone when it comes to dressing, but it is one with which you can get all the creativity that you carry inside. Unlike any of the range of neutrals, orange does not mean halftones. With it it is impossible to go unnoticed and that is precisely what you should use to your advantage when developing the looks.

You can start with small strokes of a soft tangerine in bags, shoes or scarves to accompany dark outfits, to then make the leap from accessories to garments and dare with a blouse, a skirt, a coat or pants. Do you want to go one step further? Try combining it with other inconspicuous colors such as pink or green in its fluorescent hue because the contrast will be as shocking as it is attractive. Here we leave you a small selection of looks that can serve as a reference so that you can see for yourself how the effect “lifts spirits” of orange is more than guaranteed.


London str F20 313. Street style look with high orange boots


Street style look with orange high boots

That in your closet you have only created space for black boots or, at most, brown, does not mean that there are no other interesting possibilities. In orange, for example, they are unexpected and their power is such that they immediately lift a look.

vintage collage. Orange also sneaks into accessories


Orange also sneaks into accessories

If you prefer to enter this trend little by little, our recommendation is that you let the accessories be the ones that are dyed in this cheerful color. A bag may be the best choice and this look by Sara Escudero proves it.

Instagram @collagevintage

Paris str F20 1663. Look with orange sweater


Look with an orange sweater

The knitted sweater can be a very good way to introduce the color orange in your winter outfits.

Paris str F20 715. Look with orange feather dress


Look with orange feather dress

The color block is one of the most complex trends to wear successfully but also one of the most fun. Orange may be the shade that best helps you when it comes to conceiving the most acidic looks.

Paris str F20 236. The sequins can also go in orange


The sequins can also go in orange

Who said sequins had to be black only? We like to shine in all its varieties and, above all, when we take it out of its comfort zone to bring it to daytime looks like this seen on the streets of Paris.

Paris m str F20 1055. Look with orange jacket


Look with an orange jacket

If you do not dare with the more acid intensity of orange, you can try to start with more muted tones that resemble the range of beiges when, for example, choosing jackets or coats.

Paris str F20 834. Look with orange jacket


Look with an orange jacket 2

Another proof that orange works very well in outerwear is this sophisticated look with a blazer as the protagonist. Do not be afraid to combine apparently antagonistic tones because the result will be better than you expect.

London str F20 477. Orange skirt seen at London Fashion Week


Orange skirt was seen at London Fashion Week

Do not underestimate the power of a midi skirt and less if it is in orange as it appears. You can fit it into many more looks than you think, whether they are more or less informal.

camilacoehlo. Camila Coehlo with orange dress


Camila Coehlo with orange dress

Instagram is always full of looks that can inspire you when choosing a style. If you want to look for references on the use of orange, this one by Camila Coehlo will surely help you.

Instagram @camilacoehlo

Paris str F20 955. Total look with orange as the protagonist


Total look with orange as the protagonist

The bravest can dare with the total look in any color. Yes, even with the orange. You will only have to choose the garments and the intensities well for the result to be a success.

Paris str F20 1521. Look with orange details


Look with orange details

One of the simplest ways to start using color as positive and cheerful as orange is to splash your look with clothes or accessories that have this tone even in small details. Here you have an example.

Paris str F20 1309. Long orange dress with boots


Long orange dress with boots

If you are going to wear orange in a long dress, conceive this garment as if it were any other shade when choosing footwear and accessories because it will be the best way to find the solution.